Erasmus In-coming 2015-2016

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If you want to study at the CPR INGEFORMA with the Erasmus+ Programme, the first is to check if there is a Inter-institutional Agreement (IIA) between your home institution  and the CPR INGEFORMA In the field of your studies. (Otherwise you should ask your institution who requests to us).

  • First step: Send us the Nomination Form (*4) of his home institution (confirming us that you have been granted the status of an Erasmus student) by email (*1), with a copy of the passport (*2) or ID Card (*2) and CV ERAMUS INGEFORMA. Our Erasmus office will check if you can be accepted according to our bilateral agreement (IIA) and send you an email with letter of acceptance.
  • Second step: Please, send back the Aplication Form, Learning Agreement (previously signed and stamped by your sending institution), photograph and transcript of records (*2), together with European Health Insurance Card (*2) or a private medical insurance covering the full length of your stay in Spain (*2) before: 1 st June (for Fall Semester)  or November 1st (*3)  (for Spring Semester) to the following address:


Oficina Erasmus+

Avd. Miguel Espinosa, 8. Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia). Spain.

Código postal: 30400

Or signed and scanned by email to Erasmus+ Office:


(*2) Compulsory: all academic and identification documents must be certified as true.

(*3) To enable ERASMUS+ PILOT STUDY PROGRAMME, deadline 1st week February-2016.

(*4) Specific Information for Partner Institutions of Higher Education

Please, if you wish to send us your student nominations, within the Erasmus programme, fill in one nomination document per student and send it/them to us by e-mail (*1). We will only accept nominations sent by a nominating international office or a nominating Higher Education staff member.  After receiving the nominations, the Erasmus Office will check if they are acceptable in accordance with the bilateral agreement (IIA) and will send to the students an e-mail with the information they need to fill the Application Form.

Recommended language of instruction levelLanguage of instruction 1Language of instruction 2
Student Mobility for StudiesStaff Mobility for Teaching or training
CPR INGEFORMA. EMURCIA60SpanishEnglishEnglish B1English B2

Calendar: Semester dates for 15/16 Academic Year / Yearly Subjects: September 28th 2015 – July 3rd 2016. First Semester: September 28th 2015 – February 14th 2016 Second Semester: February 15th 2016 – July 3rd 2016.