Prior the mobility

The Transcript of Records should list all courses / seminars / lectures you have completed at your home institution so far. Please also include all courses you are currently taking. The template of the standard form of the Transcript of Records is available at:


However, this document can be adapted. The information contained in the Transcript of Records providing details of the title of the course unit / module / subject, with the respective course code, duration of the course unit, local grade and ECTS credits. It is important that a clear explanation be provided of the institutional grading system and grade distribution in the department or programme. The Transcript of Records must be duly signed, stamped and dated in order for it to be considered a legally valid document.

After the period of mobility

It is the receiving institution’s obligation to provide the sending institution and the mobile student with a Transcript of Records within a period stipulated in the Inter-institutional Agreement (and normally not longer than five weeks after the mobile student’s evaluation has finished at the host HEI).